The word “Mossa” means to Move in Italian…

About the company

Mossa was founded in 1999, by it’s president Garry Priam.

The company name was strategically chosen to symbolize how we partner and work together with you and your people to help “move you all” towards success and achieve your organizational goals.

Mossa International is committed to providing organizations with solutions and services to enhance the development and growth of both you and your teams. This includes shifting the mindset of becoming more cohesive and being less reactive and more proactive during organizational change.

Working together with you and your people will result in enhancing your company culture and its values and ensure that everyone is more engaged, aligned and effective.

About Mossa International
Garry Priam

Garry Priam, B. Sc., Adv. Project Mgmt.
Change Mgmt. Professional

Founder and President of Mossa International Incorporated

With over 20 years of experience working with large, medium and small organizations, Garry understands the varied philosophies of businesses, their employee’s and client’s needs and how important it is to continually enhance the relationship that exists between the three sides of this indispensable triangle.

Garry is fluent in Italian and is a published Italian author. He is a graduate of the Advanced Project Management Program at Langara College in Vancouver, holds a Bachelor of Science degree – Computer Science from the University of Manitoba, is a Certified PROSCI™ Change Management Practitioner and the Chair – Bachelor of Business Administration – Project Management Specialization Advisory Panel at Yorkville University.

Garry was born in Luton, England and grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada and went to play professional basketball in Europe before founding his company Mossa International.

Garry Priam

What clients say about Mossa

E. Vadeanu

Every Supply Chain Professional should take this Project Management for Supply Chain Management Professional course.

Chantelle MacIsaac

The session Garry facilitated was valuable, as I had an opportunity to get to know colleagues and understand the values of the organization. The workshop gave me several new ways to work more effectively and positively with my team.

Alexa Pitoulis
Consultant and Former Executive Director of OpenMedia

Garry was generous to volunteer his time with OpenMedia through PM to carry out an assessment of our project management processes and provide recommendations. Garry brought valuable project management expertise to our organization and through the assessment asked great questions. We found his summary report to be concise and right on the mark. We were so pleased with Garry’s volunteer contribution that we then hired him to deliver a half day project management training session, which was also well done and valuable to our team. In addition to his knowledge of project management, Garry was easy to work with, reliable, courteous and brought a sense of humour to the work.

Philip Razon VP

Garry was chosen as Vestal Wealth’s Corporate Speaker and Trainer because we like how he facilitates his seminars. The seminars he’s facilitated for us have been very informative, fun and invaluable as he gets people to be involved.

Kathy Fournier
Human Resources Coordinator, POLLARD BANKNOTE LIMITED

Garry Thank you for your stellar presentation and workshops in Winning Team Building and Effective Communication-Conflict Resolution. Some great experiences came from the entire day.

Naomi Jenner
Manager, Human Resources at School District No. 34 Abbotsford

Garry presented a full day session to 65 diverse employees ranging in position, demographics, background, and project management skills within the school district.

His session was engaging, interactive and brought a lot of information to the table in a way that allowed all skill sets to come away with something of value.

If you want PowerPoint and a lecture, then Garry is not your guy, but if you want interactive and a presentation, I highly recommend him for the job.

Mossa International Incorporated "moving YOU towards success"