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Navigating Change Management During Covid-19

Change for many of us can be hard, especially during this pandemic where it has been thrust upon us with little time to react and having to pivot and adapt right away.

Whether your organization is at the initial stages of planning for change, looking for guidance to navigate your new changes, or feeling overwhelmed and would like to implement a structured change management approach during the phases of the Government’s Restart Plan, we at Mossa International are here to help you.

Organizations consist of people and it is important to understand that effective and sustained change involves every individual because everyone’s change journey is different.

Navigating Change Management During Covid-19

What are Change Management and Project Management?

Change Management focuses on managing the ‘people side of change’, whereas Project Management centers on managing the ‘technical side of change’.

For Change Management to be successful companies should utilize a structured and well planned out process that are aligned with the company’s vision and business goals.

Change Management happens in 3 Stages

  • Stage 1 – Planning for Change
  • Stage 2 – Managing Change
  • Stage 3 – Reinforcing Change

Who is Involved in Change Management?

Change Management Involment

“Everyone has an important role to play within the organization for effective change management to be successful.”

The Importance of Integrating Change Management and Project Management Together

Change management and Project management initiatives are most effective when they are integrated at the beginning of a project as change management should not merely be an afterthought when a project is experiencing problems.

Change Management and Project Management

However, as illustrated below, Change Management can also be implemented at any point of a project.

Change Management and Project Management

Mossa International is a Prosci™ Change Management Professional Practitioner Organization and we are ready to work with you to create and implement a sustainable change management plan, specifically designed to your unique needs during all of this uncertainty. This includes Change Management Consulting, Change Management Coaching and Change Management Training for your employees.

Prosci Certified Change Practitioner

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