The word “Mossa” means to Move in Italian…


Garry has had the opportunity to speak, motivate, inspire and encourage thousands of people in Canada and Europe.

If you’re an association, company, conference, college or university we’d love to talk to you about the fit to see how we can work together for your next event.


What clients say about Mossa

Donna Nakamoto
Senior Manager, People and Culture at College of Dental Surgeons of BC (CDSBC)

Garry’s naturally engaging personality, warmth, and sincerity are very apparent as a speaker, as is his expertise in team and relationship-building and leadership. Garry is a highly motivating, intuitive and inspirational speaker with a natural affinity to appeal to a diverse audience.

Naomi Jenner
HR Manager, Abbotsford School District

Garry is an enthusiastic keynote speaker as he engages the audience while adding value with his messages.

Wendy Demosten
CPHR, HR Manager – Squamish Nation

I have had the pleasure of attending workshops and round tables where Garry has presented. His ability to provide thought provoking content, identify the uniqueness of each participant, expand upon and bring everyone into the conversation, is truly remarkable. Garry is the most genuine and exemplary professional that I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with.

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